Mahwah Residents Take A Field Trip And See How Council Meetings Should Be Run

On Tuesday, January 23rd, several residents from Mahwah, NJ came before the Englewood Council.  Mahwah residents Elaine Musco and Bob Lockwood called out residents Michael Cohen and Lisa Wisotsky of Englewood for coming to Mahwah with the “alarming” message that the laws they have passed are “anti-semitic”.
(If that made her upset, she REALLY should not read the press release from the NJ Attorney General)

Then, Mr. Lockwood said there was no need for citizens from another town coming and “agitating the public” and “agitating the council”.

One might argue there is no need for council-members like Robert Hermansen or David May, to get agitated when you call out their bigotry. If you’re prone to be agitated when people call you out for ordinances local, county and state officials feel are discriminatory, perhaps being a council-man is not the right job for you.

You can watch the video below.  I hope they come to Teaneck next (January 30th at 8pm; 818 Teaneck Rd). The lessons on how to appropriately run a meeting can continue.


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