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This page is devoted to tracking the settlement process in Upper Saddle River, Mahwah and Montvale.

Information will be updated as it comes in.
Deadlines for various cases can be found

I have broken down the agreements here:
Mahwah Settlement Information
Montvale Settlement Information

Upper Saddle River:

Apr 9th: Upper Saddle River has settled with the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association: SETTLEMENT HERE
Mar 6th: Hearing scheduled for April 9th, 2018 (motions for prelim. inj. and to dismiss are administratively closed).
Mar 12th: Hearing Date for pending preliminary injunction motion.
Mar 7th: Hearing Date for pending preliminary injunction motion (postponed by Judge due to impending storm).
Feb 21st: Hearing Date for motions to dismiss and preliminary injunction
Feb 16th: A request was made to postpone the hearing currently set for Feb. 21st.
Jan 31st: Judge Vazquez has granted an extension of the time to return to his Court.  The new hearing date is Feb 21st, 2018 at 10:30am.
Jan 30th: Upper Saddle River requested an extension of two weeks (until Feb 21st) to appear before Judge Vazquez again, “as the parties have been actively engaged in settlement negotiations”.


Jul 2nd: Settlement talks held between Mahwah and the AG.
Mar 27th: The Township has answered the complaint and the Council has answered the complaint (AG action)
Mar 6th: The request to adjourn the response date to March 27th has been granted (AG action).
Mar 2nd: Request to adjourn response date until March 27th has been filed (AG action)
Feb 21st: Notice of Voluntary Dismissal has been filed by Plaintiffs (Eruv action)
Feb 15th: CASE CLOSED (Eruv action)
Feb 13th: Judge Clark approved the extension of time.  The response to the AG complaint is due on March 6th.
Feb 12th: A stipulation was filed in the AG action to postpone the date to respond to the complaint until March 6th
Jan 31st: Mahwah has settled with the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association: SETTLEMENT HERE
Jan 30th: The Council has voted at accept the settlement offered by the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association with a minor modification. The agreement will become public when it has been accepted. If the modification is rejected, a response to the complaint will be due today from Mahwah.
Jan 30th: Magistrate Judge Clark ordered an extension of time to file a response in the AG complaint to Feb 13th.
Jan 29th: After meeting for several hours in closed session, the Council continued the meeting to Jan. 30th.  They have prepared resolution 088-18:
“Resolution Authorizing Settlement Agreement and Release – Bergen Eruv Association Inc. vs. Township of Mahwah”.


Feb 21st: Notice of Voluntary Dismissal has been filed by Plaintiffs
Feb 15th: Case Closed
Feb 13th: Montvale has settled with the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association: SETTLEMENT HERE
Feb 13th:
The agenda lists Resolution 67-2018 (embedded below) which confirms a settlement with the Ervus Association
Jan 31st
: The Township and Eruv association have agreed to a short and final postponement of the time to respond to the complaint in contemplation of settlement.  They indicated that a settlement has already been reached, in principle.
The Council has been working on an alternative solution amenable to the Eruv Association (involving private residences and fencing). Mayor Mike Ghassali reached out to the Plaintiffs last night during their scheduled council meeting to see if plaintiffs would agree to an extension while they finish preparations on the alternative plan. Eruv Litigation also reached out to Rabbi Steinmetz, from the Eruv Association.  He indicated that he told Mayor Ghassali that the lawyers would have to agree to any extensions and that he would not be in a position to agree to such a request.  We have not yet heard if a formal request for an extension has been made.
Jan 30th: Montvale is meeting today to discuss “BREA vs. Borough of Montvale” in closed session. The Mayor of Montvale stated “that the borough is in talks with the ERUV association to settle out of court.”

This evening, Jan. 30th, Montvale has postponed the discussion of a settlement of their Eruv Litigation.  They will continue talking the Eruv Association.

Montvale: A settlement has been filed ending the eruv litigation.  You may read it here.
The Eruv Action has been closed by the court.

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