Mahwah Settlement with AG

Below is the settlement between Mahwah and the NJ Office of the Attorney General. This closes the lawsuit brought last year by previous Attorney General Christopher Porrino over what he saw as a civil rights violation and attempt to ban Orthodox Jews from the township’s public parks.

Mahwah agrees to:

  • Not violate NJ’s Law Against Discrimination in any future decisions
  • Notify the AG before introducing any new laws affecting access to township parks.
  • Notify the AG before introducing any new laws affecting posting on utility poles.
  • Modify township code to make it clear that devices on utility poles other than signs are unregulated
  • Make a public statement against discrimination and harassment of others in township parks
  • Keep records of complaints related to existing ordinances governing township park use and present a quarterly report on their enforcement to the AG.
  • Allow lechis to be installed on utility poles in the township and investigate any damage to them as a criminal offense.
  • Make a suspended payment of $350k to the AG for legal fees and penalties. The payment will be cancelled after four years if no evidence of further discrimination is found, at which point notifications and quarterly reports will no longer be required.



2 Responses to Mahwah Settlement with AG

  1. tino macari says:

    Whatever happened with the statement listed in the eruv settlement between parties involved in litigation .Tthat the pvc pipes on telephone poles will be either be replaced with BROWN color or painted brown at the expence of AG by a certain date

    “Under the agreement approved Wednesday, the township will pay the Rockland County Jewish organization’s attorneys $10,000, or an amount “mutually agreed upon,” within 20 days. In return, the group has agreed to re-color or replace each of the white PVC strips that mark the eruv to match the utility poles they are attached to within 12 months.
    is this going to be done?

  2. admin says:

    While we provide a resource to the greater community of eruv related information as it comes to light, we are not a party to the litigation and do not have access that information.

    We would suggest you reach out to the parties directly or submit the question to them.

    If the information becomes available at some point, we will post it for the benefit of the public.

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