Where are the eruv’s located?

For the current litigation going on in Bergen County, the maps below will indicate the placement of the eruv.  In some locations, the eruv was completed prior to litigation commencing and in others, it’s the planned eruv expansion.

As was stated in court pleadings:

“The Vaad HaEruv, which is responsible for the eruvin in this area, determined after extensive review that the only feasible way to expand the existing Rockland County eruv (the “Eruv”) so that it covered all of the members of the Jewish Community of Rockland County was to cross into a stretch of Bergen County” (doc. #36 paragraph 11.)

In this map, the green area is part of the pre-existing NY eruv.
The yellow area is the part that was not within the NY eruv boundary the association wished to enclose.
The blue area is part of Bergen County where the eruv was placed in order to enclose the NY side.

As can be seen in a street map of the designated area (see below), the path chosen by the Eruv Association tracks the first streets in Bergen County running parallel to the border with utility lines to accomplish the goal of enclosing the eruv.

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