[BREAKING] [UPDATE] Montvale, NJ working to settle suit over discriminatory ordinances

UPDATE: A stipulation was filed with the court today at 1:37pm extending the deadline for Montvale to respond to the complete through January 31st.

As was reported by NorthJersey.com, Montvale, NJ is seeking to settle a federal lawsuit filed by Orthodox Jews in Rockland County, NY over discriminatory ordinances that were created in the weeks after a request for an eruv was initiated in the borough.

While no formal court documents have been filed to confirm this, the Record reports that “Montvale and the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association have been negotiating outside of court to come to a “mutually acceptable plan,” Mayor Mike Ghassali confirmed Wednesday.”

Eruv Litigation will continue to monitor the court actions and post documents for the public.  The response to the complaint in Montvale’s Federal Court case is due today.

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The suit against Montvale was filed on October 18th of this year after attempts by the Plaintiffs lawfirm to settle the issue were unsuccessful.  The plaintiffs also have suits pending against Upper Saddle River and Mahwah, NJ.  The case in Upper Saddle River is set for Oral Argument in NJ Federal Court on Jan. 9th before Judge Vazquez.

In Mahwah, NJ this evening, the Council agenda lists the second and final reading of Ordinance 1820, which will roll back the ban on non-residents using local parks put in place this summer after some residents demanded action against overcrowding in parks by Hasidic Jews.

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