Mahwah’s Hateful Double Standard

These videos speak volumes.  This is the state of so-called “leadership” in Mahwah, NJ.

The position of elected “council-member” is a sacred public trust. No one that permits such rhetoric to go by un-rebuked, deserves to remain in that position.

One day, these kinds of demagoguery may be met with approval. They certainly were during my grandparent’s day.

BUT THAT DAY IS NOT TODAY! (and tomorrow ain’t looking so good either)

Robert Hermansen, Jonathan Wong, Janet Ariemma, George Ervin, David May and James Wysocki should follow Steven Sbarra and resign.

In this video, the council nods along as a resident calls Jews “an infection”, then proceeds to chastise Michael Cohen, the East Coast director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for merely calling out the hatred and vitriol infused in the ordinances the State of NJ has sued Mahwah for passing.

In this video, the council nods along as a resident accuses a Holocaust survivor coming to address perceptions of hatred and bigotry as being a “hired public speaker”. His rant is laced with antisemitic tropes regarding money and powerful lobbies of Jews.  By contrast, they shut down the President of the Bergen County NAACP when he states: “I sit here with great trepidation because I sat in the back and I’m witnessing what I’ve seen to believe history repeat itself.”

This is a pattern of harassment, intimidation and bullying carried out by the Council President Robert Hermansen, to intimidate the good people of Bergen County from coming to oppose these ordinances.

And the hatred is not merely an act.  It carries over into interactions in the hallways:

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